Our team

At Progress LLC we are proud of our team. Each of our colleagues is a professional in their field. We carefully test all candidates in order to select the best of the best.

Our team consists of specialists who possess perfect knowledge of basic programming languages (JAVA, HTML, PHP, Objective C, Ruby, Python, Goland and others), as well as experienced testers, UI designers, system administrators and many others.

Progress LLC is constantly expanding, so we are actively searching for new colleagues, opening new vacancies right in front of them. If you are a professional at what you do and you want to develop, have the freedom to express yourself and have room to grow, then you should write to us.

Send your resume to: hr@progressllc.com. Tell us how you would like to develop and grow. Insert a little story about yourself in your letter; this will significantly raise your chances.

We offer our workers comfortable labor conditions: a spacious office, a separate working space, our canteen, coffee machines, and the opportunity to choose your working hours.

Our company is results-oriented, and we expect the same from our colleagues. If you want to receive interesting challenges, to grow, to develop and to get an opportunity for self-realization, then write to us.

At the present moment the following vacancies are open at our company:

Lead Programmer in Python/Django (Senior Python/Django developer)


• Working in a team of developers of financial tools; the creation of heavy-duty and fault-tolerant systems

• The creation of internal products, using modern technologies.


• Confident knowledge of Python

• At least 3 years of experience of team-based commercial development and design

• Knowledge of Postgresql: complex join, table inheritance, triggers, query optimization

• The introduction of caching systems based on Memcached, algorithms to determine the invalidation of interrelated objects in the cache

• Confident command of at least one additional object-oriented programming language (С++, Java etc.)

• Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, jQuery, REST

• Knowledge of Linux on the level of deployment of applications, services and network protocols

• Experience of the creation of the architecture of databases and of work with large volumes of data

• The ability to understand someone else’s code, to undertake refactoring and optimization

• Participation in the development of HighLoad applications and multi-threaded applications

• The organization and conduct of unit testing

• The conduct of decomposition of work on a project, the evaluation of time and deadlines, the definition of critical points

• Project work in Redmine, advanced use of Git

• Show completed projects on resume, including role, contribution and result.

The following experience would be a plus:

• Development in Django CMS

• Experience in the use of NoSQL databases

• Application of the MapReduce model of distributed computing

• Experience of development of billing systems and gateways for payment systems

• Participation in the development of mobile clients/server applications